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It's time to increase your impact, audience and income.

The good news:
Next level clients & opportunities are ready for you.
The real question:
How long are you going to keep them waiting?

os design co. 


you don't "just need" a new color palette.

Wealth Coach


you built a career delivering high impact results to 1:1 clients...and now its glow up time. your business needs to reach and serve more people, which means you need high-definition visibility that your current brand doesn't have. 
but sugar, you don't need a new palette. you need a high-end rebrand. not only do you need strategic branding, clear messaging and a high end online presence to grow, but you need more you. in high definition. 

"Booked my first paid-in-full client 1 week after my site went live!

I have the confidence to send people to my site while promoting my services."

Ready to receive what's yours?

meet Dr. Margaret Remi

Aht! Aht! Before you say:

"My business already has a brand."

1. No. You have a logo.
Fiverr & DIY designs don't have the capacity to reflect the high value you offer in an accurate way.
2. You've outgrown it.
What you currently have can't take your unique magic to the next level. (or else you would already be there, #respectfully) 


You didn't build a business, break glass ceilings and become an expert just to help one person at a time or be a hidden gem.

Since we both know

You aren't just  an entrepreneur...

it's not surprising that you need more than just need a new color palette to reach new heights in your growing business.

You need a high-end rebrand.
You've got a brand and business... but it's not built for where you're going.
You are hidden somewhere behind unremarkable visuals and vague "professional" messaging, preventing your dream clients from finding you in the first place.

So, not only do you need strategic branding, clear messaging and a professional online presence to grow, but most importantly:
you need more you. in high definition. 
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