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FAQ 1. How do I get started?
all of the "work with us" buttons are linked here to the consultation form. when you fill out the form, you'll be redirected to schedule a time for your free consultation. we'll chat about your business and what solutions fit your goals.

FAQ 2. Do you offer discounts or payment plans?
we offer payment plans for the iDentityX and Full HD Rebrand Packages. we do not offer discounts, besides the prices exclusive to rebrand clients adding to their packages.

FAQ 3. How do I know which package is best?
we can help! on our consultation call we'll go through the options. typically, the Full HD Rebrand is for business owners who have been taking on clients for at least 2 years and iDentity X tends to be geared towards businesses that are under 2 years old.

FAQ 4. I just need a quick logo for like $50.
not a question, and not going to happen. we would suggest fiverr.

FAQ 5. I don't have a website or registered business, can I still work with you?
if those are things you're looking to get started absolutely. our clients are often established coaches, authors, and consultants with registered businesses and domains, but we are happy to help newer entrepreneurs get started. (i'd recommend simple pro set up, for sure).

FAQ 6. What does OS stand for? nothing consequential, i was a teenager when i started the parent company and used a childhood nickname. no cool story or witty brand humor behind it, sorry!
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