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Identity Design - Taking the essence of the brand and crafting assets that fit your brand’s specific needs. Custom packages deliver the graphic elements that you’ll use to connect to your ideal customer. We will assess your needs and establish deliverables that will leave you more than well prepared to move forward with your dream. Most importantly, we won’t compromise authenticity for convenience. Your identity isn’t common, replicable or some fast-fashion trend. You don’t just make a logo, you develop and rear an iconmark of your identity. We take your identity seriously, because it is. Intention and attention are vital ingredients to the impact you want to have in the world. I’m here to help. 

Brand Development - Strategic consulting process that takes into consideration every corner of connection. From audience research to competitor analysis we help hone your vision. Next, we use proven knowledge of comprehension and user experience to bring in accurate design principles into play. We build the brand based on what’s true at its core. Brand development is the process that has timeless value. We’ll work closely and keep record of our process so you will be free to grow from the foundations and values identified in this stage, no matter where you take your business. 

Digital Storytelling - Communication will never be the same as it was before the internet, digital photography, phones, tablets, video, social media. In order to share value, you need to capture attention and captivate those you choose to serve. Whether through marketing materials and ads or video production and custom proposal presentations, embrace the power of the pixel. We’ll combine proven strategy and engagement metrics with the infinite potential of digital mediums and take calculated risks to help your story stand out. 

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