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We created OS Design Co. because we get told, especially as women of color, how to stay quiet, polite and digestible in public spaces, social interactions and the corporate environment. Seldom are we told by society that our authentic selves are acceptable, let alone necessary for contributing to the highest good of all.

Most of us find out on our own that the professionalism & obedience prescription we have been offered isn't what's best for us or the people we were created to help. Most of us ventured into entrepreneurship because we wanted to make a bigger difference than any pre-made path could provide. 

Unfortunately, it's not easy to dismiss the conditioning that has us code-switching, shrinking and limiting ourselves, even when we are our own CEO. This is what OSD is here for. 

We help coaches, thought-leaders and authors of color bring more of their unique magic into their business and create a bespoke online presence that is aligned with their brand and their bag.




 CEO &


I’m an artist & creative based in Tampa, FL and I am devoted to uncompromised communication. Your brand assets are often where relationships with your customers & consumers start.


I use principles of design, marketing & psychology to develop materials that don’t just represent your brand but articulate the value that you know you bring.


Quality, intention & creativity go further and deeper than speed, quantity and commonality. Let’s take it deeper than “a logo” and let’s develop the visual vernacular your business deserves. 


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