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It's time to increase your impact, audience and income.

You have a vision for growing your established business and sharing the unique expertise you’ve gained through years of experience in a new way...but you don’t know how to articulate your true value, position yourself authentically online or how to pivot strategically at this point of your career.


Imagine if you had the clarity, confidence & strategy to leverage your existing success in an authentic and natural way. 

Imagine attracting your dream clients organically & consistently because your brand is aligned with your specific genius.
(not just your job title)

Imagine growing with ease because you equipped your business with goals and tools for next level success in the digital age?


Unlocking Sustainable Growth

Whether you’re moving away from 1:1 clients and plan to launch a course, a new program or ramp up your content creation, you’re here because you need to move into the future and maximize your impact.

Growth doesn’t require more do-it-yourself quick fixes. 

Unlocking sustainable growth requires getting intentional about positioning and adapting your strategy.

Showing up authentically and cohesively as an expert online & throughout your brand means attracting the right clients, spending less time hustling and more time serving.


os design co. 

I help established solopreneurs align their current business with their future bag and upgrade their online presence through professional rebrands, goal-centered strategy & web design.

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I help coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs of color reach their business goals by equipping their brands with the upgraded, professional ingredients they need to grow in the digital age.


In particular, I specialize in helping black women make more money and find more flow by infusing more of their unique magic into their brands.

hi, i'm Taylor Henderson

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You aren't just  an entrepreneur...

it's not surprising that you need more than just need a new color palette to reach new heights in your growing business.

Playing a role made for someone else is holding you back.

You limit your progress when you aren't running your race and showing up in your own lane. 

be unmistakable

position yourself

align your business

lead the way

Reaching the next level requires your brand, website and business to be in alignment with your bag.

Misalignment causes mismanagement of effort, so no matter how hard you grind you get misunderstood.


You Ready?

If you want more for yourself, your business and your clientele, let's chat. Book a discovery call to get started!

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